Wide open spaces, uncontaminated landscapes, a primordial beauty converted onto one of the most luxurious sea resorts in the world: the fabulous Sardinia, a place that reunites the wildness of a Seychelles-like sea to the glamour of yachting clubs, expensive luxury villas and a-list night clubs, bars and restaurants. Immediately attached to Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, the two equally important ports of the Emerald Coast, there is the Gallura, a name for both a geographical and cultural region in Northern Sardinia, and as well a prime location to visit along Costa Smeralda. Dating back to the middle Ages, this is as rich in history as most any area to be discovered in Italy. The main towns and villages in the coastal area are Olbia, Tempio Pausania, La Maddalena, Arzachena and Calangianus. Regardless of the estate immediate environmental seclusion, Olbia’s airport is conveniently less than an hour from the estate. The beaches of San Pantaleo and Santa Teresa Gallura have contributed to this land development as a fashionable touristic destination, both areas boasting some of the most beautiful of Sardinia’s beaches. Make your senses available for a journey to Sardinia’s Emerald Coast, as it ensures stunning views of the coast, wonderful fragrances of the sea, and sounds of its own natural world.


Costa Smeralda, otherwise known as the "Emerald Coast" after the Mediterranean Sea deep green colour, is a 55-kilometer stretch of Sardinian coastline with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures ranging from 20 to 27 degrees Celsius. Beautiful fragrances of laurel, oleander, and juniper swirl amongst the dramatic rock formations each being native to the area. Hidden inlets formed by the wandering coast are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. This notable archipelago with its immaculate white sand beaches crystal clear water is accessible by motor boat, presenting an opportunity to explore the charming islands of Caprera, Budelli, Spargi, La Maddalena, and Santa Maria along the way. Water Sports-Sailing trips, windsurfing, snorkelling, and scuba diving can be arranged all along the Costa Smeralda, a water sport and boating wonderland. Porto Cervo, filled with pastel-coloured abodes, elegant archways and cascading, flowering bougainvillea, is a shopper's paradise. Shops are filled with local hand crafted ceramics; textiles and jewellery mix comfortably with international designers. At night, you will find the young and famous frequenting the sophisticated outdoor cafés and the numerous opulent nightclubs. Pink and Red oleander trees provide shade for playing musicians while a kaleidoscopic display of produce and charming crafts is offered by local farmers and artisans.