In order to protect your holiday or event at Cuccumiao, the rental will be carried through a local Tour Operator we have an agreement with.
If you are an agent please contact us immediately at


  • A reservation is only confirmed after the payment of the deposit has been received. Once confirmed, a reservation becomes a booking as soon as the proprietor confirms and an invoice for the amount received is issued. A pro-forma invoice does not constitute confirmation of a booking.
  • All payments must be made in Euros by bank transfer to the bank account, details of which are indicated in the pro-forma invoice and any costs and charges relating to payments, transfers and/or currency exchange shall be exclusively borne by the Client and automatically charged.
  • The amounts agreed upon must be received within 7 days of the confirmation of the reservation, or the reservation will be cancelled.
  • The efficiency of a booking is subject to the following conditions:
    • 50% of the rental fee (deposit) agreed upon if a reservation is confirmed at least 91 (ninety one) days before the check-in date indicated in the pro-forma invoice, while the remaining 50% (balance) must be sent no later than 90 days before the check-in date indicated in the pro-forma invoice.
    • 100% of the rental fee (balance) if a reservation is made less than 91 (ninety one) days before the check-in date indicated in the pro-forma invoice.
  • Upon paying the balance the Client will be required to guarantee the additional amount of a damage deposit, 20% of the rental fee (based on the gross rental price). The damage deposit will be used to cover utilities and expenses not included in the rental amount. It is understood that in the case of damages caused to the property or theft of objects and/or items belonging to the property, we reserve the right to retain the above-mentioned deposit, subject to its right to claim compensation for any major damage.
  • If no damage has been done to the property and no extra services were requested (via email, Skype or any written form), the entire amount will be refunded to the Client, after an inspection of the property has been conducted.
  • If a service has been requested, but then cancelled, the Guest remains responsible and any costs will be deducted from such amount
  • All services that are purchased on the properties and not at the time of booking will be subject to an increase of 10% plus current IVA (vat for local taxes) with respect to the prices previously quoted.
  • For reservations made between 14 days and 24 hours prior to check-in, a credit card payment for the entire rental amount will be required and credit card expenses, if any, shall be borne exclusively by the client.
  • In the event of the cancellation of a booking by a Client, we reserve the right to charge part of the total rental amount as follows (and the same provisions as to the calculation of penalties will apply to requests to change the dates of the property rentals).
    • 56 days or less prior to arrival date: 100% of the total amount invoiced;
    • Between 57 and 70 days prior to arrival date: 75% of the total amount invoiced;
    • 71 days or more prior to arrival date: 50% of the total amount invoiced;
    • In the unlikely event that Villaslink substantially modifies a booking, the Client will be able to choose between the following options:
  • Accept an alternative property of comparable quality, offered for the same period of stay, without added costs;
  • Accept an alternative property of an inferior quality, offered for the same period of stay, plus a credit note for the difference between the total costs of the property originally booked and that of the alternative property;
  • Accept a change of period of stay proposed by us.
  • We will not be liable for any consequential loss or incidental expenses resulting from a cancellation or modification.
  • In the event that the integrity of a rental property or the rental itself becomes impossible due to external forces outside of our control (floods, war, earthquakes, fire, electric appliance major failure), the rental paid for the period in which the occupation of the property is no longer possible or reasonable, shall be refunded as soon as possible within 30 days of the date of the event causing the disruption.
  • In relation to the tasks described in this agreement, for the provision of services involving the reception, the kitchen and in general all the services to be undertaken within the property, the Client agrees that such provision is ensured exclusively to us and our selected partners.
  • A complimentary concierge service by our partner company is included in each rental. This amenity will remain complimentary on the condition that our team exclusively provides all services of any sort to Guests.
  • Check-in must be carried out between 4pm and 8pm on the arrival day indicated in the pro-forma. In the case of a late check-in, a late check-in fee will apply. Checkout must be carried out by 10am on the day of departure except when written authorization has been given.
  • The number of people staying at the property must not exceed the number indicated in the pro-forma invoice.
  • It is a condition of each booking that the Guest’s full party is covered by comprehensive travel insurance. This policy must include personal liability, loss and cancellation coverage. Signature on this agreement confirms that the Client will communicate these conditions to Guests for all bookings and such conditions have been accepted.
  • Guest is directly responsible to the owner of the property for any loss or damage to the property leased. T
  • We shall make every effort to ensure that the guest enjoys a satisfactory stay in the properties and, if notified of any problems, will do its best to resolve such problems as quickly as this is possible at a reasonable expense and effort.
  • Any complaint expressed after checkout or not communicated in real time to Villaslink will not be taken into consideration.
  • All disputes and disagreements, which may arise in the process of the fulfilment of this agreement, will be resolved preferably by negotiation.
If unable to reach an agreement regarding any dispute in question, this agreement shall be governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with the Laws of Italy.